Andorra Squash Camp 2020 (Anyos Park)

Andorra Squash Camp Introduction

Andorra Squash Camp will be thanks to Anyos park, one of the best sports resorts in Europe.

Once more, World Enjoyer’s Camp staff are working on the camp program for May to offer you the opportunity to develop your squash in a relaxed and friendly learning environment.

Each year the World Enjoyer Team strives to offer new and exciting activities to ensure squash players of all standards benefit from the unique environment at our camps and receive a personalized experience within a vibrant but relaxed atmosphere.

Established in 2004, this is our 16th year of operation, once again bringing the opportunity to work and train both on and off-court with some of the best coaches from across Europe.

Utilizing our tried and tested format, World Enjoyer organizes squash camp in beautiful Andorra. We will limit the places available to 18 people per camp in order to provide you a balanced program and ensure the coaches have time to give you an individualized program. During the camps, you will work with players of similar ability but also get the opportunity to stretch yourself against better players…and also the coaches.

Off the court, we want to help you develop essential squash skills including the physical aspect, the base of our sport, but also, through short seminars, develop your tactical understanding of squash and the values of sacrifice, discipline, and perseverance.

For leisure time, activities, cultural trips, and gastronomical experience are available, to help enhance the relationship between our players, so that we create an atmosphere of friendship and fellowship.



  • Enjoy a great Squash Camp in amazing Andorra. World Enjoyer organizes quality Squash camps with experimental coaches. The perfect combination of a good squash program and nice tourist activities in Andorra.
  • Enjoy Squash in a startling environment with surprising landscapes, in one of the best sports resorts in Europe. All of this with tourist experience in Andorra.
  • The squash camps are aimed: adults, families, juniors. Beginners, intermediate and elite players are welcome.
  • Activities are structured to cater to all levels and to ensure all players and coaches mix together. Each player will receive a custom plan to take away and work on.



From 20th until 24th May 2020.

Goals Andorra Squash Camp

Train and improve your squash in an international environment in one of the most important sports resort in Europe. Receive high-quality instruction from our experienced international coaching team. Staying in a luxury mountain hotel with impressive sports facilities.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience in sports and social terms. The best sports holidays in Anyós Park.

The program will cover all aspects of player development including technique, tactics, movement and physical training. The perfect combination with squash, relax, vacation and mountain training. Focus on improving your squash and enjoy it!

We cater for all levels of squash and offer a relaxed style of camp with players and coaches working and socializing together.

Receive training and matches from our professional staff. Our staff will be responsible for organizing a unique squash experience. Enjoy the fantastic Resort. Contact us for details of the camp; travel; accommodation information and the package offered by World Enjoyer for this unique opportunity.

Andorra Squash

Squash Training

Our program will focus on your technique and help develop your physical capacity whilst taking into consideration your age and physical development.

We will also work with you to improve your mental toughness:

  • Sessions of stretching and relaxation.
  • Develop a personalized action plan for you to take away and work on. Individual coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Video analysis and seminars to improve your tactics, ports psychology and visualization to help you achieve your personal squash goals.



(Please ask us for the Full Program with all the details: goals, objectives, seminars)

-Presentation and open ceremony.
-Squash Session
-Dinner organized with all the participants

Thursday – Friday – Saturday:
-Squash Camp.
-Squash Session.
-Dinner organized with all the participants.

-Squash Camp.
-Close Ceremony!

Camp Format

  • Maximum of 18 participants per Camp.
  • Organization:
  • 1 Camp Coordinator.
  • 1 International Squash Coach. Tino Casas:
  • Former professional player, International Squash Coach. Spanish National Senior and Junior Coach 2006-2015. ESF Level 2.


Information, registration, bookings

Telephone: +34 637 444 869
Payment will be made by bank transfer.
Book early and get a discount.
Registration and Information

Five days Camp Option- From 25th until 27th May 2020. (5 Days – 4 nights).
Registration before 10th August: 370€.
Registration after 10th August: 390€.
Limited places.
*Price sharing room.
Payment shall be done by bank transaction.
Important: Accommodation, breakfast and half board included in the price.
Accommodation and Sport Facilities


May 22 @ 08:00 — May 24 @ 21:00
08:00 — 21:00 (61h)