Mental Preparation

in Squash

The Mental Preparation in Squash is the key to success in this sport. That’s why World Enjoyer’s methodology has been developed thanks to different types of professionals. International coaches, world’s best players and multidisciplinary specialists such as our physical trainers, physiotherapists and nutritionists work with us. This methodology has been thoroughly elaborated in all programs, both junior and adult, from technique, tactics, physical preparation, mental training and nutrition.

Fast decision making and thinking under pressure

Psychological conditioning in Squash consists of developing the mental strength of the student which is fundamental to overcoming challenges. This is one of the aspects that is most reinforced at World Enjoyer Squash camps and courses. Within our methodology we implement the Mental Preparation in Squash. We proceed according to prior analysis of the psychological qualities of each player, in order to develop these skills. We enhance his/her performance both for squash and in other personal areas. Fast decision making, thinking under pressure and knowing how to reflect and make decisions. These are important qualities in both sport and other areas of life.

The World Enjoyer team will help you develop the Mental Preparation in Squash you need. We do so in regard to your level of play. This aspect will be analyzed throughout all our camps. Through the training we develop for you work on the different variables that can affect competition. And what’s most important, we encourage the emotional aspect of training. Moreover, we endeavor to prevent problems before they appear. Our main aim in Squash is to work closely on creating understanding on how to develop your style of play. So we can optimize your resources.

Mental Preparation in Squash


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