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In Worldenjoyer we know that each player has its needs and preferences both in and off the court, and therefore we have design different products to address your concerns.

Looking for a few days break in which you can practise your sport and do some tourism? Paddle & Holidays is the answer.

Want to give a boost to your level of paddle, in a few days? Weekend Paddle Courses, or a Tailor Made Course, you will optimize your training time.

If you have a week off during the summer, and want to improve your fitness and your paddle in an excellent environment, before starting the new season, the Summer Paddle Campus will answer your needs.

Just tell us what you need and we will get up to make this possible.


Do you have some days off and wish to do some tourism combined with improving your paddle skills? 

We have selected places of great tourist interest where you can play your favourite sport and spend an enjoyable holiday.

We offer a variety of sports programmes that we have designed for you to enjoy and improve your game. We have great professionals at your service and a very solid structure. We have sports programmes combined with tourism. We have selected the best tourist sites in the world and we organise your paddle through various different programmes. We also arrange matches with local players at all levels. And we combine sport with tourist activities in a location that will be unforgettable for you and your family. Individuals, groups, and families are welcome to come and enjoy the area. We take care of everything.


Are you ready and available to improve your paddle, for a week in the summer? 

Our Paddle Summer Campus is a landmark in our country for ten years.

Our campus offers a comprehensive and personalized care, with specialized training, quality physical training, video viewing sessions, tactics, and all seminars conducted by professional trainers and coordinated by Tino Casas.

With its different editions: Summer Campus for Adults, for Teenagers or Children, Worldenjoyer adapts its activities to the players’ profile by level and age, offering off-track activities appropriate for each group, either with cultural outings, games, restaurant and tourist trips.

Each year, Worldenjoyer adds value to its campus, with the participation of a high-level international player, who shares his experiences with players and workouts.

Our goal is that you receive personal attention to your needs and level of paddle at best training environment.


Are you interested in a intensive few days course?

If your goal is to improve in a short time, on our website www.worldenjoyer.com you can choose the course that interests you most. These courses give a boost to your game, and you can compete with other local players, with the advice of a professional trainer. 

Are the courses far from your destination? Tailor Made Courses is your solution. Send us an email and let us know where you'd want to take the course, how many hours and days you have available, and we will try to respond to your request custom, activating our network of professional coaches.


Every year WorldEnjoyer organises paddle sport events, with the goal of taking care of every detail to make it a success. We organize exhibitions, social leagues clubs, national championships, international tournaments and other activities that we propose our suppliers.

Do not miss our events and if you want to meet us, take the opportunity to come and see us!


“A FRIEND, A RACKET” If you register for the 2013 Summer paddle Camp (adults' and juniors' edition) and come along with an other participant, WorldEnjoyer offers you a DUNLOP PADDLE RACKET middle-upper range.

“PADDLE BOX” When you register for the 2013 Summer Paddle Camp (adults' and juniors' edition), WorldEnjoyer offers you one of the following options: a 8hours PADDLE COURSE for free; or gives you a DUNLOP PADDLE RACKET middle-upper range. As for the Paddle course, you can choose between one of the coming editions in Madrid (25-27 January) or Valencia (15-17 February). Don't miss this opportunity, get your Paddle Christmas gift, and start 2013 enjoying your sport! For more information, don't hesitate to contact us. Conditions: For reservations, a 150€ payment must be done now, and 145€ in April and 145€ in June 2013. Offers only valid until 6th January 2013.

“PADDLE HOLIDAYS” The best way of giving Paddle: give training hours in the desired destination. We will send you the package at home with the Paddle Holidays coupon.


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