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In 2020, after 16 Years of these camps, WorldEnjoyer is improving their camps and squash status every year and becoming more and more known within the squash community, and as we receive more lovers of the sport, this increases our motivation to improve and continue with the camps. As part of the Spanish tour, one the most enjoyable and attractive camps is Malaga, where apart from our objectives to not only improve the student's squash and increase their experience, we interact with them and take part with them in the camp, forming future bonds and connections between coaches and students.

Like each year, our priority is to give personalized and quality training by working the technical, physical and tactical aspects with professionals who know to perfection our method of coaching. Providing full attention to the technical and mental side to each student is a given, we will be working with technical sessions on court, quality physical sessions, video analysis and tactical sessions on court.


World Enjoyers principal mission is not only to bring squash closer to all the lovers of this sport, but to create squash culture and collaborate with the learning of our adult students to maximum their resources and even creating a great experience for them to remember for, such as travelling to a beach resort and training with people from different parts of the world.

All of our team share the same values: professionalism, companionship, discipline, and love for squash. We don't only teach, we form part of our camps, enjoying our students and learning from them as much as they learn from us.


This camp is based in the south of Spain, Malaga, one of the most popular destinations in Spain and around the world. Malaga is situated between the sea and the mountains, which creates a perfect surrounding when going to this camp to train, you will be able to combine it as a holiday. From the friendly locals and Mediterranean diets, there is so much to enjoy here in Malaga, especially the warm weather creating a great atmosphere when training. Another attraction to this place is the low cost compared to other northern countries, in comparison Malaga is very cheap, meaning it is possible to eat out in restaurants more often.


OPTION A: 5TH - 9TH February 2020.

OPTION B: 7th -  9TH February 2020.


Accommodation is provided at the Hotel Villa de Laredo, in the town of Fuengirola, which is only 5 mins away from the club itself. And surrounded by many different bars and restaurants and activities to suit your needs and tastes, it also overlooks the port of Fuengirola and is 200 meters away from the beach, so it is perfect for combining it with a holiday. 

Sports Center.

We are using a Municipal Sports Complex which contains a full running track, 4 squash courts, Olympic swimming pool, football and basketball courts, and even padel, so it has everything we will need throughout this exotic squash camp.

Camp Format

For the past twelve years, we have used the same format, which allows quality training, together with relevant sleep and also enjoys the city and the colleagues daily. It motivates us to create a squad-based environment.

08:00- Breakfast

09:30-13:00- Squash, physical preparation, and Swimming-pool

13:30-15:30- Lunch and Rest

16:00-19:00- Stretching sessions, Seminars, and Squash

19:30-20:30- Activities

20:45- Dinner

Registration and Information

Telephone: +34 637 444 869

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Option A - From 5th until 9th February 2020. (5 Days - 4 nights).

Registration before 10th January 2020: 510€.

Registration after 10th January 2020: 550€.

*Price sharing room.

Option B - From 7th until 9th February 2020. (3 Days - 2 nights).

Registration before 10th January: 370€ .

Registration after 10th January: 390€.

Registration deadline: 1st Febraury. Limited places.

Payment shall be done by bank transaction.

Included in a weekly registration for the camp:

-Training to improve your quality as a player.

-Dynamical training through conditioned game-play.

-Physical and flexibility training.

-Theoretical education related to sports and squash. Video analysis of the players.

-Matches against coaches.

-Entry in camp competition.

-Leisure activity

-All inclusive accommodation (Breakfast and lunch)

-Final review report of each player

How to register?

To make your reservation effective you need to contact us by telephone +34 637 444 869 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will send you a form to to fill in and thereby retain your place. Please, if you can send us a video (short) where we can visualize the squash level, it would be appreciate it.


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